Should developers blog?

I made a website for me to write and publish things, call it a blog if you like. When I say „made“, what I actually mean is: I installed wordpress on AWS Lightsail and tweaked the default theme until I liked it.

If you know me a bit you might be surprised by wordpress – why not Gatsby or Next.js, maybe elenenty? The truth is, i‘ve been meaning to update my personal website for a while and have versions using all of these. Gatsby felt unnecessarily complicated, and at some point I discovered that it‘s still not possible to create components with static queries, for example custom image components that i could use with mdx.

Next.js is still really nice, but I ran into small issues with static exporting and client-side routing when deploying to S3. All solvable, but I never finished. Eleventy looks interesting but frankly I dont understand all the hype 🤷🏻

Then I saw the release announcement for WordPress 5.6 „Simone“ and instantly fell in love with the new default theme. On top of that i‘ve been using WordPress quite a bit at work lately – just for writing, not development related, and I‘ve noticed that i really like the editing experience. I have no idea if the Guttenberg editor is still controversial among WordPress users, but i love it.

So I installed WordPress on Lightsail to play around, and here I am, actually writing. Let’s see if I can make a habit out of it.