I’m Tobias Kloht, a software engineer currently employed by Klarna in Berlin, working on merchant facing products.

Before joining Klarna I’ve worked at Wellnow, Xailabs and Intact (now part of Westcon Germany).

I owe much of my career to being a relatively early adopter of React, having used it professionally since 2014, and love working with it to this day. I have a passion for the frontend and building highly simplified yet useful interfaces.

When not working on the frontend I’ll favour monoliths over micro services and a VPS over Kubernetes, although I do find my way around the modern enterprise application architecture quite well at this point.

I also know an unfortunate amount about Jira and other Atlassian products from my first job as a student developer and will defend some Jira features at least once per month, although I promise it makes me unhappy the same as it does you.

When away from the keyboard I’m either traveling, cooking, in the cinema or taking photographs. Recently I’ve also taken up cycling a bit more seriously and regularly take long distance rides on my gravel bike.